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Entry #1

Hey NG! It's been a while.

2015-12-08 12:24:41 by Uebie

So after a few years away from the NG scene, I decided to try and pick it back up again. Im in school now at the College for creative studies in Detroit MI majoring in ANIMATION! NG was the reason why I got into animation in the first place and after I attended the Ottawa International Film Festival this year I met up with Tom Fulp and we chatted about the NG scene and I told him what I told you. So now that Im pumping short films every month due to my schooling I thought maybe now I can get back into NG as a creator. Well I just submitted my newst film here,   



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2015-12-08 15:53:01

I always wonder whether there's room for a series with stuff like this... I know from your comments in the video that you were given a set of words to work to in this particular assignment, but would you get away with using the same characters and moulding them to the different scenarios you're given for each piece of coursework?

Uebie responds:

Most likely depends on the assignment. I find it easier to make new characters and personalities with different stuff, just so I don't get bored with it. I could always go back and reuse my characters. I just think its best to have a body of characters to show off in the industry.


2015-12-10 03:12:37

Welcome back! :D